Make Your Own Rules

JumpSmart builds products that combine physical activity with STEM education to expose children ages 6-12 to coding in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. We get kids up and moving around instead of having their eyes glued to screens, sitting on the couch for hours. At the same time, we motivate children to be creators, not just consumers of technology through our entertaining interactions and the ability to program new games on our products. Our first product is a set of interactive floor tiles that light up, make sound, and sense when they are stepped on. Children ages 6-12 can play active games on the tiles spread across a room. Example programs are dance routines on an electronic floor, Tic Tac Toe, Simon Says, hopscotch, or electronic baseball. They can be programmed from a tablet using a block programming language (such as Scratch). This unique way to play provides a high motivation for kids to want to learn to code so they can add their own creations to the tiles and the online community and share with their friends in person.

1bc9cbc-1JumpSmart was founded by Bryanne Leeming, a recent graduate of the MBA program at Babson College. Bryanne has a Bachelor of Arts & Science in Cognitive Science from McGill University followed by a career in product development, project management, and account management. She is passionate about JumpSmart because teaching kids to program teaches them a new way to think for the rest of their lives.